BPO Recyclage

Broyage Plastique de l’Ouest (BPO) is in the plastic recycling business since 2002.

Our company has set up an efficient quality system which can propose :

  • An efficient service to customers holding plastic waste
  • A detailed analysis of the characteristics of plastic waste
  • A recommendation as to the internal logistics of plastic waste in the industry
  • The implementation of a device of collection and transport adapted to the typologies of plastic waste

1. Recycling

Our main activity is the recovery and transformation of rigid plastic waste, production falls or "end of life" products.   Materials so recycled go back in the “normal” circuit of plastic objects processing.

2. Customized grinding

We propose a “customized” grinding to our suppliers, they remain owners of their own materials throughout the process and can use them back in another production.

3. Trade

As part of our plastics trading activity, we can offer you our best prices for recovery of your rebate materials, tails of lots, crushed or any other plastics waiting in your inventory.

1/ Analysis

Upon your request, we conduct an analysis of your need on your production or storage. We consider your constraints, your requirements and your organization, and the quantities to be recycled. With the help of samples, we characterize the materials or to recycle and the best value chain.

2/ Recommendation

We recommend one or more solutions for collecting and sorting the most suitable to your organization. We offer you a recovery or recycling way that meets your needs.We offer logistic solution chosen in our network of logistics providers.

3/ The establishment

BPO agrees with you and logistics partners to organize the collection and delivery of materials. The materials are removed within 48 hours after your request.


4/ The process

For each receipt in our office BPO provides you within 8 days of state registration material, and ensures the traceability of products. After processing the material, BPO provides you the certificate of recovery which provides information on quantities sold.